Connected Car Platform

Unique toolkit for OEMs and dealerships, car owners and insurance companies.

Remoto is a turnkey connected car platform that helps car owners to manage their cars remotely via smartphone (to start the engine, to open/close doors, for car tracking), provides big data for automotive OEMs and insurance companies, and informs them about car malfunctions, mileage, drivers behavior, road accidents, etc.


  • Manually
  • By Temperature
  • On Schedule
  • Travel mode

  • Door locking/unlocking
  • Trunk
  • Horn and parking lights

  • Car location
  • Trip history
  • Events feed
    • Start and end addresses
    • Total journey time
    • Average speed
    • Max. speed reached
    • Filter history (by date)
  • Valet mode
    • Area and speed control

  • Hard acceleration count
  • Heavy braking count
  • Time above 110 km/h

  • Impact alerts
    with impact strength and vehicle location
  • SVT notification
    with vehicle location
  • Geolocation and speeding warnings
    with vehicle location and speed