(Insert dealership or manufacturer name) wanted primarily to speed
up processes, improve stock control and increase sales. They sought to upgrade to a fully integrated dealership management system which could be implemented quickly with high quality training and support.

What Fortuna DMS did

The system was fully operational within four weeks and immediately had an impact on making people’s jobs easier. Having to input data only once has saved a lot of time for staff right across the business improving overall efficiency and cost savings. Stock control is now easy and we can ensure that everything is accounted for. The fully integrated CRM has helped improve the sales process as well as customer satisfaction and the overall professionalism of the business.

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“After just a few weeks, we realised just how much Fortuna DMS has benefitted our business. I don’t know why we
didn’t make the switch years ago. From enhanced customer experience to tracking all stock, accounts and sales data – this system has really improved our processes”



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