New website provides clear insight into Fortuna benefits

dealer management system providers

Avonbrook Software Solutions has unveiled a new website for North America.

Potential clients throughout the US and Canada can now easily explore how Fortuna Dealership Management Software helps automotive dealerships grow.

The UX and UI of the new website are designed to ensure visitors can easily access the information they need to know about the benefits of the cutting-edge software for their businesses.

Managing Director, Gerry Merrick, says: “We are delighted to unveil our new website for our clients and potential clients across North America.

“The new site is a perfect complement to Avonbrook’s hard working and efficient North American sales and support teams. Our presence continues to grow in the US with more and more dealerships enjoying the real benefits of Fortuna.

“Avonbrook Software Solutions has been helping dealerships across the US and Canada to streamline their businesses by transforming their day to day processes. By integrating the key software packages dealerships require to ensure the smooth running of their businesses all in one place, Fortuna DMS allows our clients to┬áharvest maximum profitability.

“Our clients are our partners and we wanted a platform where we could share their stories for the benefit of others. This impressive new website allows their experiences with Fortuna DMS to be showcased – and over the months ahead we’ll be showcasing more and more.”

Avonbrook Software Solutions was developed by Grofuse.